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Sport connects

Marco Henrichs is a German long-distance swimmer and since summer 2017 he is one of the strongest swimmers in the Russian Federation with base in Pensa (RUS)! In addition, the native Rhinelander has been committed to German-Russian international understanding for several years! Be it on a social, sporting, political or economic level. Whether in the years 1993-2015 as a triathlete, or since 2015 as a long-distance swimmer or trainer, Marco knows that teamwork in training preparation and competition leads to success! It doesn't matter whether the team consists of an athlete from Russia, China or Germany. The impetus for his work for peace and international understanding was a team competition 2016 in Russia! He was the only international mix team to start with a Russian athlete. The result was the overall silver medal in front of more than 300 teams! Side by side, 37km running and 5km swimming through a total of 8 lakes in the woods north of Saint Petersburg. For Marco it was the most emotional competition in his 25 years of extreme sport! This competition took place in the forests of Leningrad! In the country where both grandfathers had to fight each other in World War II! They ran together through the bomb craters and swam through lakes, where there had once been numerous dead on both the German and Russian sides during the Second World War! Since this experience, Marco has put a lot of heart and soul into the work of international understanding! A work for peace!!

Conferences and Symposia

Helmholtz Winter Talks in Moscow 2019

Panel discussion as part of the Helmholtz Winter Talks in Moscow. The cooperation between Russia and Germany in the field of space travel and science was discussed and addressed as exemplary for the political formats. The cosmonauts Thomas Reiter and Sergei Konstantinowitsch Krikaljow were present. The conversations after the panel discussion on theoretical physics and quantum theory, but also about biology in permafrost and on open-loop systems and telemetric capillary microscopy, were also very technically oriented.